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Bravecto 4.4-9.9lbs (6 Chews) What is Bravecto? Bravecto is the first oral chew to provide up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks. One chew provides broad-spectrum and long-lasting protection that starts to kill fleas within 2 hours and controls 4 tick species (black-legged tick, American dog tick, brown dog tick, and lone star tick). Bravecto eliminates current flea infestations and prevents new ones from developing for 12 weeks. With one chew, Bravecto is easier to give and less to worry about for you!  Bravecto ChewFor: Dogs and puppies (over 4.4 lbs and 6 months of age or older)Benefits:• One chew is effective for 12 weeks - nearly 3 times longer than monthly doses• Starts working within 2 hours to kill fleas and treat and control ticks• No more monthly dosing, messy topicals or fussy collars!• Tasty oral chew your dog will take as a treat• Unlike topical applications, theres no need to separate pets after giving your dog Bravecto How it works: After giving your dog Bravecto, the medication quickly reaches tissue fluids under your dogs skin. When fleas and ticks feed on your dog, they ingest Bravecto and die. Bravecto kills fleas, prevents flea infestations and kills ticks (black-legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick) for 12 weeks. Bravecto also kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks. Flea Control with BravectoBravecto vs. Spinosad + Amitraz for flea control over 12 weeks Cautions:Not for human use. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. Keep the product in the original packaging until use, in order to prevent children from getting direct access to the product. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after use of the product. Brand Name:Bravecto Active Ingredient(s):Fluralaner What is this product used for:Bravecto kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations (Ctenocephalides felis), and the treatment and control of tick infestations [Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick), Dermacentor variabilis (American dog tick), and Rhipicephalus sanguineus (brown dog tick)] for 12 weeks in dogs and puppies 6 months of age and older, and weighing 4.4 pounds or greater. Bravecto is also indicated for the treatment and control of Amblyomma americanum (lone star tick) infestations for 8 weeks in dogs and puppies 6 months of age and older, and weighing 4.4 pounds or greater. Bravecto can be used in adult dogs, and its even safe for use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs. For use in growing puppies, they should be 6 months of age or older and weigh at least 4.4 lbs. How is Bravecto administered:Bravecto should be administered orally as a single dose every 12 weeks according to the dosage schedule (How to Use tab) to provide a minimum dose of 11.4 mg/lb (25 mg/kg) body weight. Treatment with Bravecto may begin at any time of the year and can continue year round without interruption. What special precautions are there: Bravecto has not been shown to be effective for 12 weeks duration in puppies less than 6 months of age. Bravecto is not effective against Amblyomma americanum ticks (lone star ticks) beyond 8 weeks after dosing. How should I store this product:Do not store above 86°F (30°C).
Lanzar HBP212 1-Way 12in. Car Subwoofer Get the Lanzar HBP212 one-way car subwoofer and experience remarkable bass. Featuring a peak power handling of up to 1200 watts, you can use this 12-inch Lanzar car subwoofer at high power levels without damaging it. Moreover, with 107 dB sensitivity, this one-way car subwoofer efficiently converts power to clear sound. With a frequency response ranging from 37 Hz to 1 kHz, this Lanzar car subwoofer enables you to listen to a wide range of sounds. What’s more, with four ohms impedance, the Lanzar HBP212 car subwoofer provides you with stronger and louder sounds while consuming less power.
AKG Pro Audio K67 DJ High-Performance DJ Designed for DJs and electronic music producers, the K67 DJ high-performance headphones are ideal for both stage and studio. The compact on-ear design provides excellent isolation and noise attenuation, while large 40mm drivers deliver high sound pressure levels so you can hear every detail of the mix. With comfortable leatherette ear pads and low weight, K67 DJ headphones are a great choice for those marathon sessions. They even feature a convenient 3D-axis folding mechanism for easy transport wherever your music takes you. CLUB SOUND FOR EVERYONE - EVERYWHERE AKG K67 DJ headphones let you take powerful club sound wherever you go. Whether you're a professional DJ performing to packed crowds, an up-and-comer dropping a set at a local party, or just listening to your favorite house album, K67 DJ delivers the sound you need. DESIGNED FOR DJS With their on-ear and closed-back design, AKG K67 DJ headphones provide optimum sound quality, noise isolation and comfort. The closed-back enclosures isolate the headphone drivers from any outside noise that may clutter your mix, and ensure that your sound won't leak into the room and disturb others. In other words, you can mix, perform, and listen in the loudest or quietest environments - all with premium sound. HIGH VOLUME LEVELS AKG K67 DJ headphones feature huge 40mm drivers that deliver clean sound at the loudest of volumes. This gives you the flexibility to DJ any stage - big or small, loud or louder - and maintain the same sound quality as if you were listening at home. LIGHT AND DURABLE Every pair of K67 headphones are built with XRP3 glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts to ensure maximum durability and low weight. And the leatherette ear pads stay comfortable during even the longest sets or listening sessions. K67 also folds down along its 3D-axis when you're ready to hit the road. Product Details On-ear, closed-back design for optimal isolation and noise attenuation XRP3 glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts offer maximum durability and low weight Powerful 40mm drivers deliver extraordinary accuracy and high volume levels Compact, roadworthy design - ideal for use on the go 3D-axis professional folding mechanism for flat storage and easy transport Technical Specifications Headphone type - closed-back Audio frequency bandwidth - 16 | 24000 Hz Sensitivity headphones - 115 dB SPL/V Rated Impedance - 32 Ohms Earpads - Leatherette Cable Length - 1.8 m Earpads replaceable - yes Foldable - yes Connector Type - Stereo plug - 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4) screw-on adapter Connector Gender - Male Contacts - 3 - Tip Ring Sleeve Interface finish - Gold
Pyramid BNPS122 121200W Car Audio Subwoofer - Subwoofers/Enclosure:- BRAND NEW PYRAMID Dual 12'' 1200 Watt Bandpass System w/Neon Accent Lighting- Built-In Neon Accent Lighting- Two 12'' High Power 4 Ohm Sub-Woofers- Silver Polypropylene Cone- Specially Treated Black Rubber Edge Suspension- 2'' High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil- Bandpass Alignment For Extra Deep Bass- Plexi-Glass Front Window- 4 Tuned Ports- 1200 Watts Peak Power- Frequency Response: 35Hz-1K Hz- Dimensions: 16''D x 31.5''W x 15.5''H- Condition: Brand New- Item Weight: 67 lbs.- Part Number: BNPS122- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty- Amplifier:- NEW BOSS R1100M 1100W Mono Car Audio Amplifier + BOSS 8 Gauge Amp Wiring Kit- 1100 Watt Max- Max Power: 1100 Watt x 1 Channel @ 2 Ohm- RMS Power: 250 Watt x 1 Channel @ 4 Ohm- Boss Illuminated Logo- Class A/B- 2 Ohm Stable- MOSFET Power- Line Output- List item- Low Pass Crossover- Signal to Noise Ratio: >102 dB- THD: 0.01%- Dimensions: 10-7/16 (W) x 2-1/4 (H) x 9-1/8 (L)- Remote Bass Control Included- Weight: 6 lbs- Part Number: R1100M- Condition: BRAND NEW- Warranty ? 6 Year Authorized Platinum Online Dealer Warranty - 1 year factory plus 5 years extended from Boss Audio when purchased from VMInnovations- Amp Kit:- Soundstorm AKS8 Complete 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit- 20 ft. 8 Gauge Red power cable- Competition high-quality fuse holder- 1/4 Gold-plated ring terminal- 3 ft. 8 Gauge Black ground cable- 10 Gold-plated ring terminal- 16 ft. 18 Gauge Blue turn-on wire- 20 ft. High performance RCA interconnect- (3) Rubber grommets- 30 ft. Speaker wire- 5/16 Gold-plated ring terminal- 6 ft. Split loom tubing- (20) 4 Wire ties- Product Condition: Brand New- Part Number: AKS8- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Skar Audio Dual 12 1000 Watt Subwoofer Package Skar Audio SKAR-IX-12D4x2-QP-SOLO122HOLE Dual 12 1000 Watt Subwoofer Package - Includes 12-Inch IX Series Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofers in Sealed Box
Alpine SPR-60 2-Way 6.5in. Car Speaker Featuring a frequency response of 65 Hz-27,000 kHz, the Alpine SPR-60 speaker reproduces the sound from your system accurately. For a smooth and unhampered sound, this 6.5-inch Alpine car speaker offers a sensitivity of 86 dB. The 100-watt maximum RMS of the 2-way speaker determines how much power output will be produced. This 2-way design of this Alpine car speaker can easily handle upper and mid-to-low frequencies conveniently. With 2-1/4-inch top mount depth, this 2-way speaker gives you easier mounting options. If you are a music lover, then you must install the Alpine SPR-60 speaker in your car to make your journeys more entertaining. These Alpine SPR-60 speakers are compact as well as lightweight and ideal for centralized applications at various points in the vehicle.
Boss Audio 8-Inch Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm 1000-Watt - 8-inch car audio subwoofer- Treated paper cone and foam surround- Best suited for 0.65 cubic feet sealed or 1.5 cubic feet ported enclosures- Dual voice coil- Provides more wiring configuration possibilities. If you add subs, the wiring configurations can be easily matched to optimize the amp’s power output and the power handling.- Ideal for medium to high-power applications.- 4-ohm impedance- Peak power handling: 1000 watts- RMS power handling: 500 watts- Dual voice coil configuration- Mounting diameter: 7 inches- Mounting depth: 3.75 inches- FS: 42 Hz- QMS: 5.81- VAS: 0.65 cubic feet- QES: 0.46- QTS: 0.43- XMAX (1-way): 8 mm- Sensitivity: 88 dß- Resonance frequency: 42 Hz- Treated paper cone and foam surround- Works in 0.5 cubic feet or 0.8 cubic feet ported enclosure- Port dimension: Round 3-inch- Port length: 8 inches- Port frequency: 45 Hz- Color: Black- Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 4 inches- Weight: 6 pounds- Quantity: 2- Product warranty: 3-year warranty
Rockford Fosgate P1572 2-Way 5in. x 7in. With the Flex Fit basket, the Rockford Fosgate P1572 speaker can fit in any of the previous factory speaker mounting locations. This Rockford Fosgate 2-way speaker has an ICC that rejects the need of the black boxes for mounting. Featuring the peak power handling of 120 watts, this Rockford Fosgate car speaker produces great sound. The Mineral-filled & polypropylene injection molded cone of the Rockford Fosgate P1572 provides rich, powerful bass. Thanks to the Butyl Rubber Surround, this Rockford Fosgate car speaker is highly durable. Furthermore, this Rockford Fosgate 2-way speaker also has PEI dome tweeter that reproduces clear high-frequency sounds. Other features of the Rockford Fosgate P1572 are Multi-OEM Adapter, frequency response of 75Hz-22kHz, nominal impedance of 4-Ohms, and many more.
Rockford Fosgate Punch P2D212 1-Way 12in. Designed for low-wattage amplifiers, the Rockford Fosgate P2D212 subwoofer produces crisp and clean bass. Complying to the CEA-2031 industry standards, this Rockford Fosgate Punch subwoofer with excellent power handling protects the voice coils from getting damaged. For a rich surround sound experience, this Car subwoofer boasts a high density poly-foam surround mechanism. To protect the speaker from small particles or any other type of contamination, the Rockford Fosgate P2D212 subwoofer has a parabolic injection molded ABS/Acrylic dust cap. The reversible mounting construction of this Rockford Fosgate Punch subwoofer gives you the ease of mounting it in either direction. The patented venture-effect cooling technology of this Car subwoofer reduces voice-coil temperatures that improve thermal dissipation.
Pioneer TS-D1602R 2-Way 6.5in. Car Speaker The Pioneer TS-D1602R car speakers combine innovative technology with a small, neat size, making them ideal for fitting into even the smallest cars without taking up too much precious cargo room. The two-way speakers have basalt fiber woofers, providing rigidity and absorbency to make any noise sound its best. With 260 watts of power, and -12dB/octave crossovers, these speakers are designed to disperse sound effectively, ensuring the driver and passengers all experience a totally immersive sonic reproduction. Easy to install, these speakers can be good to go in minutes, fitting effortlessly into the trunk or being small enough to position underneath or behind car seats. The inner components are protected by a clear acrylic cover, and styled with a modern, retro-influenced design that will complement any interior.
Stelle Audio AudioPillar® - Pewter Designed to bridge the gap between music, design and technology, the unique Audio Pillar complements an array of décor styles and provides unparalleled sound quality. Compatable with any blue tooth device. 360-degree sound. 15-hour rechargeable battery. Speakerphone. Aluminum, ABS Plastic. Diameter, about 5. Imported. - Color: Pewter - Size: No Size
2 Pcs Pre-wired Dome Audio System Tweeter Easy instant installation.Fit anywhere and all car audio systems.There is no magnetic field, tapes and credit cards are safe.
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