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Lehle 3at1 SGoS Switcher Guitar Pedal The Lehle 3at1 SGoS guitar pedal permits stereo switching via gold-plated relays between up to 3 different instruments. The signal is routed without any loss from Inputs A B or C to Outputs 1 and 2, enabling you to switch easily between amp and tuner.The Lehle 3at1 SGoS can be controlled and synchronized with other Lehle SGoS Switchers via MIDI.
Gibson Guitar Gibson Accessories Hat Knobs These replacement top hat knobs include 2 volume and 2 tone knobs for simple control over your sound and are compatible with most Gibson electric guitars for wide-ranging use.
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro - Black Software & Plug-ins - The Native Instruments Maschine Mikro music creation system lets you experience the incredible world of NI's Maschine in a more portable and affordable format than ever before. If you're completely new to Native Instruments' Maschine environment, prepare to be blown away. This unique combination of extremely powerful yet easy-to-use software and a dedicated hardware controller lets you create music in an totally fluid and natural way. From advanced groove sequencing to powerful sampling and remixing, Maschine Mikro does it all. And when you master the versatile compact hardware controller, Maschine Mikro makes music creation absolutely effortless.Instruments Maschine Mikro Hybrid Groove Production System at a Glance: Unbelievably flexible music-creation software environment. Powerful hands-on hardware controller. The ever-evolving world of Maschine. Includes Komplete Select software bundle. Ableton Link integration for reliable synchronization. Unbelievably flexible music-creation software environmentLooping, slicing, step sequencing, MPC-style recording, scene sequencing - it's all possible with Native Instruments' Maschine environment! Run Maschine as a plug-in in your favorite DAW, or run it in standalone mode and use it to host your favorite VST and AU plug-ins. What's more, Maschine Mikro comes loaded with the same amazing content library that comes with Maschine. We're talking about amazing effects, samples, and four killer Native Instruments Komplete titles, plusNIS sound format browsing, for total integration with Komplete 8.Powerful hands-on hardware controllerMaschine's claim to fame extends beyond its powerhouse sampling and sequencing software. Tight hardware integration makes using Maschine an incredible tactile experience. Maschine Mikro gives you much of this same hardware integration as Maschine, but in a smaller, more streamlined format. What's great is that Native Instruments gave Maschine Mikro a complete set of navigation and function controls, as well as a full-sized set of velocity-sensitive, color-coded pads, so even though it's smaller than the original Maschine controller, you still get an amazing hands-on experience.The ever-evolving world of MaschineWhether they're software-based or standalone hardware, most music creation systems remain largely unchanged oncer they've been released - but not Maschine! Since the launch of Maschine, Native Instruments has released several major upgrades, including advanced sampling functions, VST and AU plug-in hosting, and NIS sound format browsing. With the jump to Machine 2.x, you get even more production power than ever before, including multicore support, effects sidechaining, a DAW-style mixer, and much more.Includes Komplete Select software bundleMaschine controllers include Komplete Select - a premium instrument and effect package worth $1,000 when purchased separately. Includes Massive, Prism, Monark, Retro Machines, The Gentleman, Vintage Organs, Scarbee Mark I, West Africa, Drumlab, and Solid Bus Comp. Komplete Select is provided as a download after hardware registration.Ableton Link integration for reliable synchronizationAs of Maschine 2.5.5, you can experience the collaborative freedom of Ableton Link. Lock multiple systems to a common timeline. Change tempo globally across systems. Enjoy spontaneous jamming, collaborative creation, and synchronized performances. This is a free update for Maschine 2.x owners.New Maschine 2.x Software Features: Multicore processor support lets you get the most from your Mac or Windows PC. Sidechaining lets you set up advanced effects routing schemes. Included drum synth makes defining your drums easier than ever. Professional mixer window gives you full DAW style mixing control. Next-level Komplete integration provides complete browser compatibility with Native Instruments plug-ins. Ableton Link integration offers reliable synchronization. Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Hybrid Groove Production
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Fender There is no better, safer and more stylish way for you to get your Fender instrument where it's going than by transporting it in an elegantly protective and convenient Fender ABS molded electric guitar or bass guitar case.
Gibson Guitar GIBSON 490T Zebra (IM90TZB) This "Modern Classic" features tonal characteristics similar to the '57 Classic with a slight increase in the upper mids, for a more contemporary humbucking sound. The special Alnico II magnet gives this beauty a singing quality that delivers on demand. The 490R (See recommended accessories box on this page), with its neck-spaced pole pieces, is calibrated to match the bridge-spaced 490T for a perfect match. Available with chrome, gold, or nickel covers, or with open coils, the 490R and 490T come with 4-conductor shielded wiring for series/parallel/split coil variations. NOTE: Factory-installed 490R and 490T pickups have 2-conductor wiring.
Gibson Guitar Gibson Les Paul Custom 5-Ply Now you can keep your Gibson all Gibson! These genuine replacement parts are made with the same high standard for quality as Gibson's instruments. You owe it to your guitar to use these genuine Gibson replacement parts.
Fender Accessories 2 Soft Tweed Strap (2 Guitar Accessories - Fender Accessories guitar and bass straps are made to give you great performance, durability, and comfort. Fender has been an icon in the music world for more than a half-century, and their commitment to quality extends to everything they make, from guitars to amps to accessories. Fender Accessories straps are made from the best materials available, and there's a strap that's sure to fit your style. When you want to play with confidence and comfort, it makes sense to go with a proven performer — choose a genuine Fender Accessories strap!This Fender Accessories 2 Soft Tweed Strap puts the look of Fender's famous classic tweed amps in a very attractive and comfortable guitar strap. It includes brown leather end tabs sporting the famous Fender F logo. Fender Accessories 2 Soft Tweed Strap Features: Tweed look recalls classic Fender amplifiers. Comfortable 2-wide strap. Brown leather end tabs . Fender F logo on tabs. Adjustable. Play with a proven performer — choose Fender Accessories!NOTE: This product is available in the United States only - no international sales. Guitar Straps
Fender Accessories Standard Precision Bass Bass Guitar Accessories - The Fender Accessories Standard Precision Bass Case protects your P-Bass - and looks great doing it. Fender has been using the same cases since the early days of the company. Each Fender hardshell case is finished in classy textured vinyl, with leather ends and a leather handle. This road-proven case is custom-fit to accommodate your Precision Bass, and the internal storage compartment is perfect for stashing cables or your next set of strings. Keep your P-bass safe and secure - in classic style - with a Fender Accessories Standard Precision Bass Case.Fender Accessories Standard Precision Bass Case Features at a Glance: Premium hardshell case. Textured vinyl with leather ends. Black plush interior . Custom fit for Precision Bass. Built road-rugged. Internal Storage Compartment. Locking latches w/ included key. NOTE: This product is available in the United States only - no international sales. Bass Guitar Cases
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Fender 2 tone knobs, one volume knob, trem bar tip, switch tip, backplate, and 3 pickup covers all in matching classic plastic add a touch of authenticity to your axe.
Fender Musical Instruments Corporation Fender With over 50 years in the business, Fender has thousands of accessories available. Whether you're looking for apparel, hardware, strings, cases, straps or more Fender has you covered!Fender took six colors of 2" cotton straps and added a suede end with a leather oval showcasing the Fender logo on a small metal emblem.
Fender Accessories Vintage Noiseless Telecaster Guitar Accessories - With over 50 years in the business, Fender has thousands of accessories available. Whether you're looking for apparel, hardware, strings, cases, straps, or more, Fender has you covered!Sounding like a 60's Tele without the 60-cycle buzz, that's the Vintage Noiseless Tele pickup. Made with the same technology as the Noiseless Strat, but voiced for that traditional Tele tone. Special Alnico 2 magnets and enamel coated magnet wire along with Fender's Noiseless Technology produce a unique vintage sound that is quiet. The neck pickup has a nickel-silver cover for added clarity while the bridge pickup was developed to produce the traditional twang you'd expect from a Telecaster. Each pickup sports a stylish Noiseless logo.NOTE: This product is available in the United States only - no international sales. Electric Guitar Pickups
Toy Snare Drum Instrument with sticks Costume BRAND NEWToy DrumIncludes: Instrument-Drum w/Sticks-12.5 dia4.5 tall with 2 sticksSize: One Size Fits Most
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